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The project started with the idea of a humble youtube video, but on arrival in this idyllic place, I was immediately sucked up by its past, which is also my family’s past, as 2 grandparents come from the region – suddenly seeing tombstones with my last name on them, and becoming myself part of it: Ensconced behind the forests of Bohemia, lies the little known Queendom of Sildonia, with its charming capital Karpov, in the direction of Transnistria… passing Galicia… cars are thankfully banned, and the traditionalist Sildonians like to take the white coaches to a soiree in the opera, or a night out in one of the numerous love hotels…

In this retro-background somehow fallen out of time the polit-economic focus of the book expanded naturally into the wider sphere of politics (and what’s wrong with it these days), and instead of avoiding the topic, to rather confront “utopias”, social, cultural (with a lighter take on gender), even religious, and maybe spawn one.

Welcome to the future.